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16 Dec Bath or shower: what would you choose for your apartment?
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One of the challenges you face when designing the bathroom is choosing the right sanitary ware. Inevitably, at some point, you will wonder if it is better to choose a bathtub or shower, especially if you do not have generous space. Don't rush to decide until you know in detail all the advantages and..
12 Dec Marble in the apartment: a whim of elegance
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Ever since ancient times, marble has been considered a luxury material, being used especially for architectural masterpieces. But with the development of civilization, the use of marble in interior design has increasingly come to the attention of specialists in the field. It is currently available i..
10 Dec Where do we put the air conditioning in the apartment?
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Is air conditioning good? It's healthy? Is it suitable for use with families with children? And what would be the most suitable place for its location in the apartment?These are just a few questions of those who decide to purchase a home and install air conditioning. Those of you flirting with the i..
05 Dec The benefits of having a dedicated sales consultant
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There is plenty of information online about apartments, prices, predictions, reports and analysis in the real estate field, so you can feel that you can do your own research without any help. If you invest a little more time and some effort, eventually you will understand the real estate market and ..
02 Dec The benefits of floor heating
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What could be more enjoyable, on a chilly winter morning, than waking up in the morning, getting out of bed and putting your feet on a warm floor?And here's how, in such a simple way, the day can start so nice and pleasant! Ingenious, efficient and with better coverage, the floor heating is done eve..
29 Nov Expat Apartments in Bucharest: how to choose the best option
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Around 30 thousand foreign workers are registered in Romania in 2019. Even though most of them are working in restaurants and constructions, there are still a lot of expats who have been transferred here, in management positions, at the same international company.If you are an expat (foreign worker)..
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